A conference for leaders and innovators who care about the customer experience.

Since its first event in 2003, Gel has always introduced attendees to customer experience innovators — first. Gel was the first major stage for Wikipedia, Marissa Mayer, Khan Academy, Improv Everywhere, Ze Frank, among others. Other notable speakers include Ira Glass, Craig Newmark, Seth Godin, and more.

The next Gel event is tentatively scheduled for spring 2015. For updates, subscribe to the Creative Good email newsletter or follow Gel founder @markhurst. (P.S. We accept speaker submissions only from people who have attended at least one Gel.)

Past Speakers

Gel 2013

April 17-19, New York City

The tenth annual Gel conference. Returning after a year's absence, and held in a venue near the High Line, the theme was "back to life." (See original event page.)

Robert Hammond
Cofounder of New York's High Line
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Joel Salatin
Founder, Polyface Farm
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Gabriel Weinberg
Founder, Duck Duck Go
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Leslie Koch
President, Trust for Governor's Island
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Rachel Shechtman
Founder of STORY
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Ben Kaufman
Founder and CEO of Quirky.com
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Zahra Aljabri
Founder, Mode-sty
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Sam & Leslie Davol
Founders, The Uni Project
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Roman Baca
Founder, Exit 12 Dance Company
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Ken Freedman
General Manager, WFMU
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Ellie Balk & Nate Affield
Educators at Brooklyn's Green School
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Liam Casey
Founder, PCH International

Mark Hurst
Founder and CEO, Creative Good
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