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GEL 2016
: May 11-13, 2016

Gel 2015: Thur-Fri, April 23-24, 2015, New York
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Since its first event in 2003, Gel has always introduced attendees to customer experience innovators — first. Gel was the first major stage for Wikipedia, Marissa Mayer, Khan Academy, Improv Everywhere, Ze Frank, among others. Other notable speakers include Ira Glass, Craig Newmark, Seth Godin, and more. Sign up here for Gel 2015.

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Gel 2015 Speakers

Our theme this year is "impact": we'll be exploring people, projects, and teams that go beyond the intent or idea of creating a good experience - they actually do it. What are the aspects of good experience that make for real-world success? We'll learn from the brilliant speakers below. (and some special appearances... -mark)

  • Jonathan Wegener

    Jonathan Wegener,
    CEO, Timehop

    Creator of a wildly successful mobile app and community.

  • Nancy Lublin

    Nancy Lublin,
    CEO, Crisis Text Line

    Leading and growing a vital program that counsels teens through crisis - via text message.

  • Andy Baio

    Andy Baio,
    Writer, entrepreneur, host of XOXO Festival

    An acute observer (and creator) of technology with a unique perspective on digital experience.

  • Lou Shapiro

    Lou Shapiro,
    CEO, Hospital for Special Surgery

    Leading one of the top-rated hospitals in the world - and creating a world-class patient experience.

  • Jordyn Lexton

    Jordyn Lexton,
    Founder, Drive Change

    Building and running food trucks with formerly incarcerated youth.

  • David Segal

    David Segal,
    "The Haggler" columnist, New York Times

    Exploring how companies treat customers well, or not - and what to do about it.

  • Nikki Sylianteng

    Nikki Sylianteng,
    Founder, To Park Or Not To Park

    Sharing her vastly improved design of parking signs with cities worldwide.

  • Paul Murphy

    Paul Murphy,
    CEO, Dots

    Leading the team that created one of the most successful iPhone games in history.

  • Jason Saenz

    Jason Saenz,
    writer and comedian

    Adding surprise and delight to the urban landscape.

  • Omar Ishaq

    Omar Ishaq,
    Radiation Oncologist, NYU

    Bringing the patient experience into better focus.

  • Leland Maschmeyer and Brett Renfer / Collins

    Leland Maschmeyer and Brett Renfer,
    Founder and Director of Experience Design, Collins

    Reinventing how brands are built in an experience-driven era.

  • Michael Hearst

    Michael Hearst,
    composer, musician, and author

    Writing music to cure the fear of flying, spotlight unusual creatures, and improve the ice cream truck.

  • Mark Hurst

    Mark Hurst,
    Gel conference founder and host; Creative Good founder and CEO

    Curating Gel since 2003.

Friday Deep-Dive Experiences

On Friday, April 24, Gel attendees will participate in the experiences below, hosted at venues around New York City.

  • betaworks

    Succeeding in mobile: hosted by Betaworks' creative director James Cooper (@koopstakov), and featuring Kuan Huang (@huangkuan), CEO of Poncho, and Adam Leibsohn (@adamcl), COO of Giphy.

  • The Hired Guns

    Impact at work: A discussion about applying Gel learnings when you get back to work, hosted by Allison Hemming, founder and president of The Hired Guns.

  • Prehype

    Problem-solving workshop: Harvard Business Press author Thomas Wedell-Wedellsborg will teach participants a powerful new problem-solving tool and give them the chance to apply it to one of their own current business (or personal) challenges.

  • Etsy

    Creativity workshop hosted in Etsy Labs, and led by Noah Scalin. Past attendees called this workshop "compelling and eye-opening" and said, "I learned how to get my team on a mission to discover their creativity daily."

  • Noah Scalin

    The creator of Skull-A-Day, and a past Gel speaker (see video), Noah Scalin will host the workshop at Etsy, exploring how creative practice at work can change lives and build resilient organizations.

  • Centre for Social Innovation

    Unlocking the potential of a network: This interactive exercise will show participants how to identify and empower the potential within a community or network. Presented by Eli Malinsky, Executive Director of the Centre for Social Innovation NYC.

Thanks to Our Sponsors

Gel is made possible in part by our friends at Slack and Dropbox.

  • slack

    Our opening party on Wednesday, April 22 is sponsored by Slack.
    Twitter: @SlackHQ

  • Dropbox

    Lunch on Thursday, April 23 is sponsored by Dropbox.
    Twitter: @Dropbox

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